Thursday, October 29, 2009

So its been awhile...

Whoops! Even though no one really reads this, I feel as though I need to explain my absence. My family and I took a week long trip back home to NY, as my husband had fall break from school, and all of a sudden its been weeks since I updated! How time flies. Anywho, here I am. Back with a vengeance! Sort of.

I'd say I'm fifty percent done quilting my first quilt. It is slow going mainly because I don't seem to enjoy this part of the quilting process as much. Also, I am really bad at it. The good thing is a) this is my first one.... it can only get better..? b) I don't think my baby girl will notice my stitching is not straight, at least until later in life. I can deal with that.
I also got some really amazing fabric for a super secret project I'm going to start working on. Details to follow................. *muahahahahaha*

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